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ZO Signature Peel

The ZO Signature Peel is one of the most popular Chemical Peels performed today. Gentle on the skin, the ZO Signature Peel is different from most traditional ‘deep’ peels, and requires little recovery time. It does, however, dramatically rejuvenate the skin by improving texture and tone. The Vitalize Peel will also decrease the appearance of acne and scarring, as well as melasma (dark brown patches on the face).


Comprised of proprietary ingredients, the ZO Signature Peel provides a unique mix of ingredients. Perfect for all skin tones and ethnicities, the ZO Signature Peel is considered safe and extremely effective. Noticeable improvement can be seen in the skin after a single treatment. When used in a series, or with other complimentary treatments, the ZO Signature Peel can provide patients with dramatic results.


The Ideal Candidate for a ZO Signature Peel:

Patients who are not yet ready for a Face Lift or other invasive procedures, but are looking to improve the appearance and feel of their skin, may find great benefits with the ZO Signature Peel. Ideal candidates will be in overall good health, understand the Chemical Peel process, and have realistic expectations for the treatment. At a complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. Long will determine which Chemical Peel can provide the best results for an individual patient.

The ZO Signature Peel is NOT recommend for patients who:

  • Are pregnant

  • Having a known aspirin allergy

  • Display active cold sores

  • Take Accutane

  • Have been prescribed certain Chemotherapy meditations

  • Recently had waxing in the treatment area

Skin Rejuvenation with the ZO Signature Peel:

Taking about 30 minutes in the office, the ZO Signature Peel is quick and effective. No anesthetic or topical numbing is required. Patients will normally experience a mild tingling sensation as each layer is applied, but this is short lived. Once the skin is prepped, the aesthetician will apply the peel, which may be up to three layers, depending on the individual’s skin condition. A final will be applied to neutralize the acids in the ZO Signature Peel. Patients are then able to return to their normal activities.

Recovery from a ZO Signature Peel:

Immediately after a ZO Signature Peel, the skin may be mildly swollen and red, although these will fade quickly. Two to three days after the peel, the skin will begin to lightly peel. This process will continue for the next three to four days; after about a week, the skin should be fully healed.

The ZO Signature Peel requires less downtime than other, more traditional Chemical Peels. Patients are free to return to work or school that same day. Strenuous activities and exercise should be put off for the first 24 hours after treatment.

ZO Signature Peel FAQ:

What is the ZO Signature Peel?

The ZO Signature Peel is a unique proprietary Chemical Peel. The peel is designed to safely reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and age spots; leaving patients with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Am I a good candidate for a ZO Signature Peel?

The ideal candidate for a ZO Signature Peel will be an individual, troubled by the early signs of aging such as fine lines, and minor dermatological issues such as acne scars. It is safe and effective for all skin tones. Most importantly, prospective patients should have a clear understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations of the ZO Signature Peel’s results.

How long does a ZO Signature Peel take to perform?

A ZO Signature Peel will take between 20-45 minutes to perform, depending on the individual patient and level of correction required.


Is the ZO Signature Peel painful?

No, the ZO Signature peel is not considered painful.

Will anesthetic be used before my ZO Signature Peel?

No, anesthetic is needed with a ZO Signature Peel

What can I expect from the recovery after a ZO Signature Peel?

The ZO Signature Peel requires very little downtime; patients are able to return to normal activities immediately after completing the peel. Very mild swelling and redness may appear at first, although will quickly diminish. The skin will begin to peel between the first and third day after your procedure. This will continue for another two to four days. In about seven to ten days, the face should be completely healed.


Can I wear makeup after my ZO Signature Peel?

It is discouraged to wear makeup until the peeling has ceased, in about three to five days. Moisturizer can be worn while the face is peeling, to smooth and flatten the feathery appearance of peeling skin. After that time, makeup can be worn as usual.

When can I return to work after my ZO Signature Peel?

Patients have no restrictions after a ZO Signature Peel. Patients are able to be back at work or school the same afternoon, although some may wait until the peeling process is complete (four to seven days).

What are the possible complications from a ZO Signature Peel?

The ZO Signature peel is considered extremely safe. There are few risks, however the procedure should not be performed on those who are pregnant, have aspirin allergies, active cold sores, are using Accutane, or some Chemotherapy medications.

How many treatments of the ZO Signature Peel will be required?

The exact number of ZO Signature Peel treatments will vary, although normally three to six are generally required. These should be spaced two to four weeks apart.

Will the results of my ZO Signature Peel be long-lasting?

The benefits of a ZO Signature Peel can be long-lasting, as long as routine skin maintenance is performed. Recommended procedures to compliment the ZO Signature Peel include a proper skin care regimen, which we can assist with as well as Pelleve treatments for additional skin tightening .

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