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Breast Lift

How long has it been since you stepped out of the shower and saw beautifully contoured, perky breasts in the mirror? Many Breast Lift patients have watched helplessly as their breasts slowly migrate south while losing volume and shape. Age, hormone balance, significant weight fluctuations and the stresses of child birth affect skin quality and breast structure that can cause breasts to sag.

Putting your sagging breasts into a bra every morning and watching as they fall the moment you remove it every night isn’t the answer. unfortunately, no amount of diet or exercise, creams or pills can tone or shape your breasts. Breast Lift surgery with Dr. Long can provide the solution you seek.

Breast Lift FAQ:

How is a Breast Lift with Dr. Long performed?

Dr. Long typically performs the Breast Lift procedure on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The design of the incision can vary, but usually includes an incision around the nipple-areolar complex and a vertical incision bellow the areola (“lollipop” scar) and in the crease under the breast (“anchor” or “Inverted T” scar).

Dr. Long uses the latest techniques, including vertical and periareolar mastopexy, which not only reduce the amount of scar, but also shape the breast tissue into a more pleasing and lasting contour. The nipple-areolar complex (NAC) is re-positioned, excess skin is removed, and the breast is reshaped to a more pleasing contour. A Breast Lift involves moving the nipple and breast mound to a higher position on your chest so that the nipple will lie at the level of the breast fold. The skin below the nipple is reduced and contoured to achieve a new shape. If breast augmentation is also desired, a breast implant can be used in conjunction with the breast Lift. That decision will be based on your personal goals, the amount of available breast tissue and the degree of anterior breast projection desired.

What to expect during Breast Lift surgery:

The procedure takes 2 to 4 hours to complete. Dr. Long closes the incisions with dissolving stitches and places you in a supportive bra for your comfort during recovery. Generally, Breast Lifts are performed on an outpatient basis. You will need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the surgery center and care for you for the first 24-48 hours after surgery.

What to expect after Breast Lift surgery:

Patients may have varying degrees of temporary bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. Dr. Long will prescribe medication to help you with discomfort after surgery. You will wear a special support bra after surgery. You will be up and moving around on the day of surgery.

Depending on your type of employment, you may return to work between 7-14 days after your breast procedure. Stitches will dissolve and do not need to be removed. Swelling in your breasts may take a few weeks to disappear. Dr. Long will closely follow your recovery to ensure you are able to resume your normal activities.

Why go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for Breast Lift surgery?

Practitioners who are not residency trained and Board Certified to perform Breast Lift surgery have been found to suffer a higher rate of complications. One of the most common complaints is minimal to no improvement, asymmetries, “operated look”, etc.  Always look for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your surgery.  Always look for the ASPS logo, The Symbol of Excellence.

To view a 3-D animation on breast lift surgery please click here.

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